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Here’s a mildly embarrassing fact about me. In grade one, our creative writing lesson was always before break. Most weeks I would get so caught up in the story I was writing that, while everyone else went outside to eat their lunch and play on the jungle gyms, I would stay in the classroom, pencil flying across the page, frantically trying to get the story out of my head and onto paper. Often, it would be such an involved saga that I wouldn’t even get to my peanut butter sandwiches, and my tummy would growl through the afternoon classes (not unlike the tiger I often wrote about).

I’ve always loved writing – and stories. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for, probably, the last seven years, but I just haven’t made it happen. I think part of the hesitation has been in figuring out what I want it to be. A travel blog, yes. But probably not a very practical one. I want it to be a place where you can get lost, for the space of a few minutes, in a story. Rather than a list of top tips.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in the “top tips” type of blogging – I read and use them all the time. It’s just not what I want this space to be, for me.

That’s another part of the hesitation – by blogging you’re opening yourself up to all sorts of misinterpretation and commentary. And, having read some of the comments on blogs, it can be unnecessarily mean. Which didn’t make me want to rush off and register a domain. But, thanks to an upcoming trip to Indonesia and a few stern prods from my wonderful front-end developer, Carla (thank you, Carla!), we’ve created a little space on the internet where I can go to write. A small piece of digital real estate that will encourage me to sit down and put thoughts to “paper”, as I did so many years ago at that tiny desk. (As I write this, I am suddenly wildly distracted by the memory of chair bags – did you guys have them? I had forgotten all about them!)

There are so many blogs out there – so many incredible blogs. But there’s always space for a few more stories in the world. So.


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November 7, 2017


  1. Yes, writing as a tiny girl was BIG in your life. Your Grade Two teacher predicted that you will one day do something with writing. Words were your thing! Go girl!

  2. Chair bags!!! With Koki stains at the bottom! Love these all gurney ball

  3. Never. Read. The. Comments.

    Love you! Well done!


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